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The robot washes Windows
While the editors write news from the field of artificial intelligence on our market there is another practical and useful mechanism with signs of intellect – robot for window cleaning HOBOT.          

The Deeper Fishfinder
The world's first universal sounder for all types of fishing.

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Fishfinder Deeper Smart Pro

Smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO uses wi-fi to ensure an increased distance range of Deeper connection and the user's device. Deeper floats on the surface scans the bottom of the reservoir and the water column beneath a locking depth, temperature, bottom contour, fish location, and then transmits the information directly on the screen smartphone or tablet. Smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO - a universal solution for fishing from the shore, from a boat, kayak or kayaks. Wireless sonar, Wi-Fi connection (up to 100 meters). To use necessary smartphone or tablet iOS or Android. Battery: 6 hours work. Charging: micro USB connector.
$379.76 $280.26

Set Deeper 3.0

$291.53 $273.46


The novelty of 2017. The world's first multifunctional robot cleaner for cleaning Windows, walls and floor. Powerful vacuum motor allows you to work on virtually any vertical or horizontal surface (without magnet). In addition to cleaning the usual smooth glass and glazing, due to the high suction power, you can use HOBOT, also for cleaning floors and walls from tile, polishing the parquet, mirror, mosaic Windows, glass partitions and glass tables