HIPS plastic «Hot chocolate»

HIPS plastic «Hot chocolate» diameter, mm: 1.75, net weight, g: 1000
Производитель: Московский завод FDPlast
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Дата доставки: 5 ÷ 10 дней
921,60 руб

     High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS): The material is widely used in the food industry for packaging. The HIPS filament is biodegradable and has a bright white color, no harmful effects in close contact with people or pets.

     The usual use of HIPS in 3D printing is not for fabricating the object itself; the material has curling and adhesive problems, especially if you do not have a heated platform.

     Instead, it is very popular for use as a secondary material in double extrusion, providing structural support for a complex object, the basis of which is printed using another material.

     After printing is complete, HIPS can be dissolved using a colorless liquid hydrocarbon. Acetone, for example. He disappears, as if by magic!