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Wireless DEEPER sonar

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Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0

Smart Fishfinder Deeper 3.0 may be abandoned at any point of the reservoir. Deeper floats on the surface and transmits detailed information about the structure of the seabed and throughout the water column directly on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Deeper displays the depth, temperature, bottom structure, as well as data about the location of seaweed and fish. Sounder Deeper uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect and transfer data to your device. Due to the portability and ease of connection Deeper 3.0 can be used when fishing from a bridge, pier, promenade, beach, and paddle boats or kayak. Wireless sounder to operate a smartphone or tablet running iOS and Android, the range is 40 meters, mode of winter fishing.
$280.26 $180.76

Fishfinder Deeper Smart Pro

Smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO uses wi-fi to ensure an increased distance range of Deeper connection and the user's device. Deeper floats on the surface scans the bottom of the reservoir and the water column beneath a locking depth, temperature, bottom contour, fish location, and then transmits the information directly on the screen smartphone or tablet. Smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO - a universal solution for fishing from the shore, from a boat, kayak or kayaks. Wireless sonar, Wi-Fi connection (up to 100 meters). To use necessary smartphone or tablet iOS or Android. Battery: 6 hours work. Charging: micro USB connector.
$379.76 $280.26

Fishfinder Deeper Smart PRO+

Wireless cast smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO+ best device in its series. It uses Wi-Fi connection to transfer information to your smartphone or tablet. Smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO+ contains a built-in high-precision GPS receiver, which allows the device to create bathymetric maps of the deep, as when fishing from a boat and fishing from the shore. All this makes Deeper PRO+ only throws a fish finder with high accuracy scanning and other functions previously available only on a stationary boat devices.
$412.92 $330.01

Set Deeper 3.0

$291.53 $273.46